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Who we are

Hello everybody!


My name is Paolo Giraldi, I live in the  city of Lamporecchio (Pistoia) and for a few years I have been  dedicating myself to olive trees cultivation. I started with some olive trees to produce extra virgin olive oil and since I have decided to expand I opened a company of olive-growing.


As of today I grow about 1000 olive trees, in the Montalbano-Vinci  area and more precisely in the Municipality of Lamporecchio, referring as much as possible to old-time methods:  

a) good fertilisation to make the soil alive preferring the animal-derived organic compost,  coming from Montalbano and surrounding areas’  zoo-technical  companies.  

b) leguminous green manure and other essences which introduce azote and other macro and micro elements, to increase the organic substance; I also have started the cultivation with bio-dynamic  method spraying the soil with mixtures made with manure blended with quartz powder or vegetable substances in homeopathic dilution.   


It is most important to protect the crop from parasites attacks using most of all products that are used in biodynamic meaning active principles of herbs, plants and roots or at the very best biological methods, such as sexual confusion and the use, in reduced quantities, of preparations allowed in biological agriculture; absolutely excluding  the use of herbicides and chemical products.

The pruning is an indispensable practise that must be carried out keeping in mind the biological prerogatives of the olive tree; but this does not affect the oil’s  analytical, organoleptic and healthy characteristic; it is carried out so to allow a good lighting of the fruit’s surface and an easy access to the crown for the defence from parasites and fungi.

For the harvest it is essential to choose the period when to harvest , since the oil’s quality, beside the tree breed, it mostly depends upon the fruit ‘s degree of ripeness at the moment of the harvest itself.


A better quality it is obtained anticipating the harvest ( usually end of October – beginning of November).

The principal cultivar are the “Moraiolo”, the “Frantoio” and the “Leccino”: since these species varieties have slightly different ripening times,  it is necessary to individually harvest the different varieties in an accurate way. The harvest method is done manually, laying the tarps underneath the crown. The fallen olives will be placed inside holed boxes and taken from the field to the oil mill within the following 12-24 hours.


The pressing  is a very critical phase, where the knowledge of the numerous variables that affect  the oil characteristics become determinants.  The species and the ripening degree, temperature, quickness and processing times  are only some of the “ingredients” that, handled in the correct way, give rise  to an excellent  oil, but it is also true that a wrong milling can undo all the previously taken precautions.  A cold pressing  with a temperature of about  20/24 degree is  fundamental.

 All these arrangements are put in place to obtain a concentration of polyphenols that is the most important parameter that identify the very first choice oil.

Another important step is the filtration that eliminate the impurities present in the product. Once the procedure is finished the product is going to be analysed in the laboratory.

For any further clarifications please send your request by email to the  following address:  info@aziendaolivicolagiraldi.com or through the page  "Contacts".